Date of this report: Sept. 8

Stump Sprouts trails are open year round for hiking, mountain biking, running, dog walking, nature study , etc.

From time to time, I post stuff here during the off season. During snow season, I post here very frequently.

Mountain biking. Open except during wet weather. 

Hiking/Trail running: always open

Parking - Open.

Dogs - okay.

Horses - Closed to horseback riding

Motorized Recreation

Always closed for this type of activity

Hunting  Generally open for hunting but please contact us if you wish to hunt here. There are occasions when hunting conflicts with other activities and we'll ask you to not hunt here.

XC skiing:  

Snow shoeing: 

Rentals :

Fat biking. See Mountain biking

West Hill Road conditions: Clear.

Visitation subject to: COVID-19 Travel Order
The pandemic has dramatically affected our business. Always visit COVID-19 information before making the trip up here.