Rates & Reservation Info - Spring, Summer & Fall



Special Opportunity:

Lodge is available from Dec. 1 to Dec. 23 at pre-holiday rates

We are currently offering the lodge for longer stays  on a cook-your-own-do-your-own-cleaning basis.      What we think would be ideal would be a family or a small group looking to work or distance learn in a beautiful remote place.  A limited number of people could join them...Best if these are friends or extended  family who they already feel comfortable welcoming into their home.  With lots of space, good Verizon cell service and new wireless internet, working from home or space to do art projects are very possible.

A couple of new things:

We have about 10 sets of sheets, blankets, pillows and towels that would be available to you during this period at no charge providing you wash, dry and return them to the storage area.   Otherwise there ie a $13/set rental charge.

We have installed a washer and dryer in the large bathroom off of the dining room.

Limit: 10 persons on the premises at any given time.   Subletting would not be permitted. Nor would a steady stream of people coming and going, so as to comply with the intent of guidance that allows for short term rentals.

The price would be $375/night for the first two nights + $170/night for additional nights.   5.7%tax is extra (no tax for a stay longer than 31 days).   Minimum stay: 7 nights.   This is a fraction of our posted daily/weekend rates (see below).  The entire amount would be payable upfront at the time of your reservation.  Propane, internet and electricity would be included.  

A $200 change over fee will also be added to the total rental cost, regardless of the length of stay.  This will allow us to  provide a standard of  sanitizing between groups which is in accordance with guidelines furnished by the Board of Health.

Unless we were forced to close the lodge due to a governmental order or policy, the rental fee would not be refundable under any circumstance unless we were subsequently able to refill the vacated time. 

Cleaning.  You would be expected to take care of day to day cleaning.






















































The following rates are our standard rates for this time of year.   This is for reference only.  We have suspended our normal rates/reservation policies. We will honor prices quoted at the time you make your reservation. 

Rates(per adult)

With 3 home-cooked meals dailyBring your own food, cook & clean yourself
Reg. weekend (Fri + Sat nights) $172 $79
1 night midweek (Sun-Thurs) $98 $49
2 nights midweek (Sun-Thurs) $162 $69
Extended stay (3rd-7th night) $74/night $29/night

Rates for Families Sharing a Room

we can offer this discount to groups reserving the lodge or farmhouse provided that minimums (see below) are met

First 2 Persons Adult Rate
Additional Family Members Kids under 3, 80% off; kids 3-10, 50% off; kids 11-16, 20% off.
Maximum Family Rate Adult rate X 3.5
  • All rates on a per person basis, tax is extra.
  • All guests will be billed for a two night stay on standard weekends.
  • Sorry, we do not accept credit cards, but will accept cash or personal check.
  • Free trip for organizer if you agree to pay at least the minimum rate for both spaces.
  • Please make other arrangements for your pets.
  • Minimum rates apply to groups reserving farmhouse or lodge for their use exclusively.
  • Minimum rate for weekends is 15 times the adult rate for the lodge and 4 times the adult rate for the farmhouse. Minimum rate for weekdays and is 12 times the adult rate for the lodge and 3 times the adult rate for the farmhouse.
  • We can accept a tentative reservation over the phone but require a deposit within two weeks to hold a reservation. Deposit for a standard weekend is $500 for the lodge and $150 for the farmhouse. Deposit for the Holiday weekends and other times is 30% of minimum amount.
  • We may ask for an additional 30% 3 months in advance of arrival date.
  • Deposits for weekends cannot be refunded for any reason unless we can refill your space. (If we can refill, a rebooking fee ($75 for lodge, $40 for house) will be deducted from your refund.)  Rescheduling may be possible but is subject to conditons - contact us for details.
  • Special rates apply for weddings and other events with large numbers of guests who are not staying overnight - please inquire.