Cross-Country Skiing and Other Winter Sports

Update 1/2/21:

Special message about 2020-2021 season:

Your experience will more closely resemble a visit to a State Park.

Assume responsibility! Embrace self-sufficiency! Your car is your day lodge! Come ready to spend time outdoors!

We are not charging a trail fee.

  • All users should take a picture of the map posted at the new kiosk at the upper parking lot.
  • Farmhouse will be closed except for rental pick up/drop off
  • Permission** to use these trails is granted provided that you have visited StumpSprouts.com today and assume all liability for all risks associated with being on this property.

And, we are not providing:

  • help with stuck vehicles
  • paper maps
  • a warming room or, except for possibly on weekends - indoor bathrooms
  • emergency support – such as a ski patrol, rescues, end-of-day trail sweep, parking lot check, etc.
  • someone to assist you in person.

For TODAY’s information about the following, see the Conditions page. Here you will find information about:

Hours of Operation

Suitability for:

* classic cross country skiing

* snowshoeing

* hiking

* winter biking

Trail conditions

COVID 19 policies

Dogs on trails


Equipment Rental information: We are trying to elimiante close contact.

 Email or text us the afternoon or evening before or by 8:30 AM on the day you wish to rent. Please await confirmation of your order from us.

Please only reserve when you know you will be coming. If you must cancel, please try hard to do this by 8 AM. Otherwise consider making a donation to cover the time spent getting your rentals ready. Thank you.

You can take your chances and just show up, but we may not be available to help you.

Preferred method: e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or text: 413-834-4832.

For all rentals: We will need a name and phone number for each person. Minors will require an adult signature. We also need to know when you plan to pick up the items and for how long you intend to rent them.

For ski rentals: bring multiple pairs of socks to ensure a comfortable boot fit. We will need to know your shoe size, your height, weight and level of experience.

For snowshoe rentals: We will need to know your shoe size & type as well as your weight. Winter footwear is highly recommended.

For micro-spike rentals (excellent for added traction when walking is allowed and icy surfaces are common): We will need to know your shoe size and shoe type to ensure a good fit;.

Payment method: Exact change or check into red canister in rental area or Venmo (info posted at rental pickup area).

Equipment Pickup/drop off at farmhouse

Complete Ski Rental Outfit

Rossignol equipment. Adult $16.00, Ages 12 and Under $10.00

Snowshoe Rentals

Economy: Adult $7.00, Ages 12 and Under $4.00 Traditional: $12.00


This is private property.

We do this out of a love for the land and human-powered outdoor fun.

We are not supported by grants, government programs, or non-profit organizations.

All we are asking in return is that you respect the land...pack out your trash, pull a fallen branch off the trail if you see one, that kind of thing.

We live in fear of the next major weather disaster...if you’d like to be put on a list of volunteers to help after such an event, it will help greatly to keep this trail system viable

**Not permitted:

  • Motorized recreation.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Camping or overnight parking.
  • Commercial activity, except by special arrangement

A word about hunting. While we do not post our land, we do ask that those who wish to hunt contact us for specific permission. There are times when hunting is incompatible with other trail uses.

Classical Cross Country Skiing -

Twenty-five kilometers of trails ranging from gently rolling groomed and track-set loops to challenging back-country routes await skiers of all abilities. Designed specifically for classic skiing, our trails are generally too narrow in flatter areas to accommodate skate skiing. A favorite destination is the summit of Lone Boulder Hill, where a large glacial boulder stands guard near a breathtaking 3 state vista. Don't let the lack of snow in your backyard fool you; high elevation here assures some of the best natural snow conditions in Southern New England. 40 years of constant refinement of the trail system and grooming equipment have resulted in great skiing, even when you'd least expect it. The emphasis in developing this exciting trail system has always been to blend exhilarating outdoor fun with a sensitivity towards the natural environment.  We rent all sizes of cross country skis/boots/poles. 


Those seeking enjoyment in the winter woods at a slower pace can snowshoe on our trails as well. It is usually possible to snowshoe on a packed trail surface to the side of set ski tracks...please try to do this. Both adult and children's snowshoes are available for rent.

Winter Biking

We welcome winter bikers when the conditions are right. Our groomed twisty turny trails are a blast to ride when the snow firms up. There are days when you can ride but you can't ski, such as when the cover is thin or patchy. Powder days are reserved for skiers and snowshoers. We do not rent bikes. See below for more detailed info!

Winter Hiking

During low snow or icy conditions, hiking our trails is very popular with lodge guests. We rent Micro Spikes that work with most hiking boots to assist with traction when conditions warrant.

More on winter biking... fat bikes open up a whole new world of winter fun on snow. In order to orchestrate a peaceful co-existence with xc skiing and snowshoeing we have adopted this code of etiquette:

  1. Always check the trail conditions page of this website before coming to see if we are open for bikes on the day you plan to come.

  2.  Don't ride when the snow is too soft. This damages the groomed surface. If the snow becomes too soft while you are out on the trails, consider switching over to skis or snowshoes...you'll have more fun! 

  3. Bikes yield to all other users. Skiers don't have brakes!

  4. If we have set classical ski tracks, please do not ride in them. We will set them to one side to allow for bike & snowshoe use on the rest of the trail.

  5. We may occasionally open for night biking. If you have a group that is interested contact us. 

  6. We may organize special events for bikers on short notice when conditions are right.