Low impact living, simplicity, in harmony with the landscape, sensitivity towards global environmental issues have been core values of ours since our inception in 1977.

For forty years, we have managed our 350 acres of forest to sustain us indefinitely with timber, firewood, recreational opportunities, peace and tranquility.

Almost all of the lumber used to build and furnish our buildings has been sustainably harvested from our land and milled within a few miles of here.

Buildings are mostly heated with diseased and low quality wood selectively culled from our woodlot as part of ongoing timber stand improvement projects and trail maintenance.

75% of our trash is either composted, reused or recycled.

For over 14 years, aggressive conservation efforts allow our photovoltaic array to provide us with as much electricity from the sun as we consume. This project was possible thanks to substantial grants from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and other incentives. We have never sold the Renewable Energy Credits associated with this system. By doing so, others may not claim the renewable attributes associated with our elecric generating system. This ultimately encourages more renewable energy generation.

Large gardens provide us with produce and flowers for our kitchen and dining room for much of the year. We also buy local dairy products and supplement what we grow with fruits and vegetables from local farms when available.